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Personalized Comprehensive Tutoring

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This service is specific to the subject areas your child requires help in. Each plan explores the student’s goals and preferred learning style. Our tutors will work with you and your child to determine a tutoring plan that will help your child excel.

Subject Classes

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Our subject classes focus on a specific course each session. Topics covered under each subject have been determined by The Government of PEI Course Descriptions. This ensures topics are inline with their school’s requirements. Specific subject classes are beneficial for older students requiring extra guidance outside of regular school hours.


Personal Comprehensive Tutoring

Our tutors will work with your child to identify their needs and desired outcomes when it comes to their education. Each student is unique and we strive to create personalized tutoring plans that accommodate their concerns.



Subject Classes

Our subject classes offer students help in specific courses that they have identified as challenging. Each class covers topics pre-determined by the province of PEI specific to that subject matter.





College Prep

We offer SAT and ACT test preparation. These tests are often required of students applying to private post secondary institutes in the USA. As testing can be a difficult area for many students, our tutors will help guide your child to develop test taking skills while facilitating time management.

Seasonal Camps

No school but learning never stops! Our camps are held during school breaks and summer. They are the perfectopportunity tocontinue learning, growing, and evenmeeting new friends during school breaks


COVID Statement:

We are currently operating under reduced class sizes to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Staff and students are screened daily and must wear a non-medical face mask to participate. Please stay home if you are feeling ill or have been identified as a close contact to someone with COVID-19.

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