Oak North Education offers a wide variety of courses, including personalized tutoring classes for K-12 students, schoolwork support, subject classes, college prep – IELTS, SAT, ACT. We also organize overseas camps during school holidays.

Personalized  Comprehensive Tutoring 

For kids who need help with homework, quizzes and tests, an added challenge or advanced coursework.

Whether your kid is a high flyer in school who would like to achieve more or falling a bit behind and would like to catch up, your kid will find the help he or she needs in this class.

Course detail
  • Personalized program that tailored toeach student’s education needs
  • Flexible class times to suit the busy schedules of today’s youth
  • Caring tutors who understand the need to engage students in learning
  • Extrainstruction, practice and exercises to build confidence in students
  • Timemanagement and organization skills which benefit students in the long run

Subject Classes

For students who would like to focus in one particular area, where they can reach or even exceed theirfull potential.

Science (G7 - 1 2)

G7 Science

ecosystem, food chain and food webs, pure substances and mixtures, solutions, methods of separation, heat, heat transfer methods, rocks and minerals, Earth’s crust, soil

G8 Science

global distribution of water, water cycle, fluid viscosity, density, transfer of fluids, visible light, electromagnetic radiation, cells, tissues, organs, systems, human health

G10 Science

cell, infectious disease, chemical reactions, chemical reactivity, mass, force, and acceleration, energy transformations, sustainability of ecosystems, weather dynamics, thermal energy and heat transfer, specific heat capacity, atmosphere, greenhouse effect, ocean currents, weather prediction and forecasting

G11-12 Chemistry

atomic theory, mass and mole calculations, stoichiometry, percentage yield, ionic/covalent/metallic substances, intermolecular forces, equilibrium, organic chemistry, thermochemistry, molar solubility, rate of reaction, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, redox reactions, electrochemical cells

G11-12 Biology

microscope, cell theory and structure, photosynthesis, respiration, classification, diversity, homeostasis, circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, excretory system, immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, cell division, reproductive system, embryonic differentiation and development, Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, evolution

G11-12 Physics

kinematics, dynamics, Newton’s Laws, momentum and energy, waves, application of vectors, circular and planetary motion, electricity and magnetism

Math (G1 - 12)

G1-3 Math

problem solving, mental math, addition, subtraction, patterns (repeating, decreasing, etc), measurement, counting, probability, chance and uncertainty, variables and equations, 3D and 2D shapes, data gathering and analysis, bar graphs, common denominator, diagrams, passage of time using standard units (days, weeks, etc), perimeter of a shape

 G4-6 Math

multiplication and division facts, relationships between shapes, collect and analyze data to solve problems, mental math, estimation, rounding, fractions with like and unlike denominators, prime and composite numbers, decimals, decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals, determine pattern rules to predict the next number in the sequence, reading analog and digital clocks, calendar dates, area, perimeter, volume, identifying relationships of lines (parallel; intersecting; perpendicular; vertical; horizontal), double bar graphs, pictographs, improper fractions to mixed numbers, ratios, percent, integers, angles, transformations of 2D shapes (translations, rotations, reflections), Cartesian plane, line graphs, probability

 G7-9 Math

circle graphs, percents, representing data, square root, ratio and rate, rational numbers, fraction operations, decimal operations, graph & solve linear equations, Pythagorean theorem, surface area of 3D objects and composites, probability in society, problem solving, exponents, polynomials

 G10 Math

primary trigonometric ratios, factors of whole numbers, irrational numbers, exponents, relations and functions, slope (rise and run, rate of change, parallel and perpendicular lines), characteristics of graphs (slope, range, domain, intercepts), systems of linear equations, square roots

 G11-12 Math

trigonometry, angles, linear functions and equations, algebra, calculus, financial mathematics, geometry, statistics, distribution (standard deviation, z-scores), statistical reasoning, proportional reasoning, interpret statistical data (margin of error, confidence intervals, confidence levels), graphs of linear relations (intercepts, slope, domain, range), quadratic functions (vertex, intercepts, domain and range, axis of symmetry), represent data using: polynomial functions; exponential and logarithmic functions, sinusoidal functions

Language Arts (K - 12)

G1-3 Writing

self correcting, media literacy, cursive writing, spelling, writing, reading, poetry, semantics and syntax, oral presentations and communication, self expression, develop critical opinions on texts and general topics, note taking, proofreading and editing, paraphrasing, formulate questions, generate and organize language and ideas, record experiences

G4-6 Writing 

writing processes, reading, language conventions (grammar, spelling, diction, etc), critical thinking, note-taking strategies, develop vocabulary, effectively present and communicate ideas, editing and proofreading, use reference texts and databases for research, personally respond to range of texts, oral presentations, elements of narrative texts, critical literacy, the research process, media literacy & integrating technology


G7-9 Writing

writing processes, exploratory writing, transactional writing (incl persuasive), poetic writing, language conventions, determining: purpose, audience, and form, descriptive reports, literary essay, understand and respond to texts, literary genres, essay writing, electronic and physical text-based research methods, bibliographies, note taking and organization, vocabulary to express ideas

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